Artists and Craftsartists are Invited to Jury

Artists and craftsartists are invited to jury to participate in one or more shows presented by American Society of Artists, (in 2015 and/or beyond) a national membership organization.

To jury submit four images representative of your work you wish to exhibit, one of your display set-up, your first/last name, physical address, daytime telephone number - resume/show listing helpful. If you are interested in specific shows, please indicate which show(s) you are interested in.

When you pass jury you will receive a non-member jury/approval number, listing of shows, application(s) you requested and be placed on the mailing list.


Currently announced shows for 2015 include:

May 9 - 25th Annual An Arts & Crafts Adventure, Hodges Park  Park Ridge IL

August 15-16 - 41st Oak Park Ave-Lake Arts & Crafts Show, Scoville Park Oak Park IL

September 19 - 25th Annual Fall Arts & Crafts Adventure,Hodges Park  Park Ridge IL  

September 26-27 - 10th Annual Hyde Park Arts & Crafts Adventure, Hyde Park, Chicago IL


On-line jury to and by mail to American Society of Artists, PO Box 1326, Palatine IL 6007 (please e sure to include a self-addressed, stamped, business-size (No. 10) envelope). No mail that requires a receipt - delays receipt. Additional information/questions - or 847/991-4748.



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