American Society of Artists

FAQ's (Frequently Asked Questions)

1) I am currently Juried. Can I receive show applications by e-mail?       Yes,  please e-mail us at for this Include your first and last name, physical address & indicate the applications you are requesting. We will e-mail them to you.
2) How do I receive applications for the shows? Prospective exhibitors need to jury to receive applications. Please submit for jury to or by U.S. Mail to ASA, PO Box 1326, Palatine IL 60078. Submit 4 images representative of your work you wish to exhibit, one of your display set-up, your first/last name, physical address, daytime telephone number - resume/show listing helpful. Please tell us if you are asking for applications for specific shows. If jurying by U.S. Mail please include a self-addressed, stamped business-size (No. 10 ) envelope. Note: No mail that requires a signature - delays receipt. Whichever way you jury we will respond in kind. When you pass jury you will receive a non-membership approval number, listing of shows and applications you requested and be placed on the mailing list.
3) Can I submit applications to exhibit by e-mail? You need to submit applications for shows by U.S. mail to
ASA, PO Box 1326, Palatine IL 60078 and include the entry fee
4) Can I exhibit if I am not a Member?  Yes, you are welcome to apply to exhibit in shows. See Question No, 2 above.                                                                                                                                                                      
6) What does membership include? - normally lower fees for members,  Lecture & Demo Service - members who qualify can participate.  Publicity - members are encouraged to let us know of events for which publicity would be warranted . Problems - help members with problems when it can.  Referral Service - refers potential customers to members.  Shared Information - if you have any info you would like to share with other member ASA will assist you There is a $20.00 Initiation Fee (membership is Juried) and a $60 Annual Dues. Membership dates from the month you are accepted..i.e.,your membership year can run from January to January or November to November, etc. 6))When are deadlines to return applications? All deadline dates are shown on each application. If past the deadline, please call us/e-mail to check Note that applications are accepted/rejected as received (tho entry fees processed at deadline), some categories fill very quickly.  
7) How do I know when I am in a show & how fast can I find out? Applications usually processed as received & if you included the required SASE (self-addressed, stamped envelope) (for non-members) we will mail you acceptance/rejection notice upon acceptance/rejection.
8) When is my application & check processed? Applications accepted/rejected as received and checks processed(cashed)at deadline date.
9) Can I request a particular space? For space requests, we suggest three - stating general areas - this way if we can't help you with your first or second request we can probably do the third. If there is a specific reason you are asking for a particular space (such as shade), please tell us and we will then be more able to help you with a space.
10) What are the entry fees for shows? Entry fees in 2015 range from $65-$195 (single space)  depending upon whether you are a member/non-member, space size, length of show, etc. Extra 1/2 spaces are sometimes available - xtra 1/2 entry fee. Double spaces can also be available at times (double entry fee). 5x10 spaces - a few are available at some shows for a lower fee.  
11) If the show is filled or my category filled what should I do?    Request to be put on the cancellation list. You must have passed jury and naturally your medium would need to be accepted for that particular show. You will be placed on the list for cancellation in your category. But - please give us the following info: your name, address and telephone number, e-mail address and medium/category. Depending upon the show we may ask you about your display set-up Tell us how close to the time of the show you can be notified  And, if you are the cancellation list and can no longer exhibit, please let us know. It frees up a space for one of your fellow exhibitors to be placed on the cancellation list.
12) I can't find my jury/approval No. What do I do?    We do not give non-member jury/approval numbers by telephone or e-mail (except for initially). When sending applications you can make a notation where you would normally write in your non-member jury/approval number that you can not find it and we will handle it for you. If you have exhibited since passing jury check off non-member previous exhibitor instead. None of this, of course, applies to members who fill in their membership number.
13) I already have a non-member jury/approval number & am interested in membership Send us an e-mail requesting a membership application - indicate you have already pased jury. Please be sure and tell us your medium -  if your category is closed for membeshp at that time we can place your name on you on a waiting list if your like.

14) When do I have to re-jury? You will need to re-jury if we ask you to (for a particular show or another reason), if you have not exhibited or juried with us in two years and of course if your work or medium changes.


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